Istinye Park

The most important characteristic that separates Istinye Park from other shopping centers is that includes a shopping area inside. You can find the most famous products of the world on this avenue. You can travel to this avenue with your car, park it on the valet park and do your shopping in contentment. There are a butchery, greengrocery, fishmonger and spice seller shops on Pazar Yeri which was built under the influence of the Ottoman Architecture in the center. The concept of Istinye Park is a sum of the Istiklal Avenue, Abdi Ipekçi and Bagdat Avenue. There are analogues of these three avenues. Along with famous avenues of Istanbul, the spirit of the Grand Bazaar and Ortaköy are also reflected in Istinye Park in the form of an open bazaar.

Distance from Angel’s Home Hotel: 40 minutes by taxi
Open DailY: From 10:00 to 22:00

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